Garden Offices

One unexpected outcome of the devastating Covid pandemic is that it’s proven to employers just how feasible remote working is.

With the new work-at-home situation many of us now find ourselves in, we’re being forced to review our home surroundings and question their suitability for productive working. Is your Wifi up to the job or is it causing frustrating downtime? Are you being constantly interrupted by family, pets and the doorbell? Do you find yourself constantly raiding the fridge for snacks??

One of the big drawbacks of homeworking is achieving a good balance between work and home. When does the day start and end? When your personal life and work are in the same place it can be harder to switch off.

What you need is a homeworking solution with all the advantages of office life. Our garden offices will mean you feel so comfortable, connected and efficient you won’t ever want to go back to the shared office!

We can design and build a contemporary, flexible workspace for any size garden that you can use all year round and can be adapted to suit other uses when you no longer need it as an office. Not only will it revolutionise your homeworking situation, it will be a wise investment that increase the value of your property for years to come.

HD Developments offers a complete service which includes clearance and preparation of the space, installation of the base, erection of the structure, electrics, data and even interior decoration to make it a serene space you’ll want to go to each morning.

There are two popular options for garden offices:

Storage Container Office

We can create a modern, stylish office environment using a new or used shipping container

Shipping containers are an affordable way of creating an office environment in your own garden. Because they don’t need foundations they are technically classed as a ‘temporary structure’ so don’t usually require any planning permission.

We can buy new or used shipping containers at great prices and convert them into a contemporary working environment, customised in any way you like. From a simple space for your desk to an aesthetically pleasing workspace with all the mod-cons and high tech features.

One of our original shipping container conversions

Timber Structure Office

Using a timber structure we can create a bespoke garden office that can easily be converted into any flexible living space to transform your home and garden.

An example a fully functional timber garden office, designed specifically to fit the clients garden and compliment the space.

We will work with you from design and consultation through to the fixtures and fittings, which can include hard wired internet cabling, heating, air-conditioning and bespoke handmade furniture.

There is no limit to the bespoke nature of our timber structure offices in terms of shape, size and design. We can incorporate exterior cladding, various roof options and UPVC windows and doors to create your own individual, fully functional garden office.

A timber frame office we’re currently building for one of our clients

Call us on 01243 641831 or drop us a message if you would like to discuss an office solution for your garden. We will gladly offer advice and quotations.